Our story so far

Kuldar Sikk

Why pacenote books?

Over the years as the professional co-driver, I have gained a vast experience with different pacenote books from several vendors. All of them have their strengths and weaknesses.

Nowadays co-driver can write the pace notes even on iPad, but paper books haven’t evolved over the years. Still, most of the co-drivers prefer old, traditional pen and paper.

So, all this led me to the point I decided to design my own pacenote book. Book is literally designed by the professional co-driver to fellow co-drivers, keeping in mind even the smallest “occupational” details. At the same time, we at codrive.me, try to make our product even better. That is why your feedback and critics are always welcome.

Career Results

8th. 2007 WRC Rally New Zealand
7th. 2007 WRC Rally of Finland
6th. 2007 IRC Ypres Rally
7th. 2008 WRC Tour de Corse
5th. 2008 WRC Rally New Zealand
8th. 2008 WRC Rallye Deutschland
4th. 2008 WRC Acropolis Rally
6th. 2011 WRC Rally of Great Britain
7th. 2011 WRC Rally Sardinia Italy
3rd. 2012 WRC Rally Sardinia Italy
6th. 2012 WRC Rally of Finland
5th. 2012 WRC Rally Mexico

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